Wonderful yoga tools for at home or in the classroom

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Kids Harem Yoga Pants

Made by me! Organic cotton/ Bamboo cotton mix available in sizes 2-4. In special instructions when checking out  indicate main pant: color blue or purple and front panel choice: safari triangles, blue elephants or raccoon party.

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Breathing Ball

Used in yoga classes to teach slow breathing.

-Expands from 5.5" to 12"

-No assembly required

-Includes 21 Cool Things To Do game sheet

-Toss back and forth with a friend

-Great conversation piece

-Includes hanging device and instruction for hanging as a mobile.

-Color/Finish: -Rainbow of primary colors.

This sphere has the potential to inspire young children and introduce them to engineering concepts, mathematics, the physical sciences, etc. Once they're over their "ooohs" and "ahhhs" and start thinking of the design and simplistic yet complex design, watch out! The flood gates of curiosity open and they don't ever close!


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Frog Yoga Alphabet

The Frog Yoga Alphabet takes children on a journey through 26 yoga poses. The Frog Yoga Alphabet contains 26 cards, 1 card for each letter of the alphabet, and each card has a different yoga pose. Each pose is child friendly and has been chosen with safety in mind.

- 26 bright colorful yoga poses chosen with children’s health and safety in mind 
- Children have fun doing yoga as they learn the alphabet
- Children exercise their bodies and minds 
- Great for the classroom in schools or the living room in homes
- Children of all ages have a universal love for frogs
- Children ages 4 to 9 will enjoy these cards
- Cards are 6” x 4”
- Printed in Canada
- Many extension activities can be used with the cards including Word Games and Stories*


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Children's Yoga Hard Cover Story Book & CD

This hard cover, 32 page, full colour picture book comes with a 30 minute CD. Perfect for teachers and parents who may or may not know a thing about yoga and want to provide their children with a safe, fun and age appropriate yoga workout or Daily Physical Activity (DPA).

The children in the book demonstrate the yoga positions as they explore their natural environment. The book is 8.5” x 8.5”, is appropriate for ages 2-9, and is printed on Printed on Environmentally Friendly FSC Certified Paper.


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Large & Small Size Eco Friendly Reversible Yoga Mats

The “What I See, I Can Be” Yoga Mats are an excellent tool to get both adults & children moving.

All of the poses from the Full Size Poster, Book and Yoga Match Card Game are on the Yoga Mat. The Mat can be used on its own, or in conjunction with the Poster, Book, DVD or Yoga Match Cards.

Do the right thing for your children and the planet and reduce your carbon footprint as you do yoga!

As a TPE mat with no harmful chemicals on it, the mat is:
• Biodegradable
• Recyclable
• Hypoallergenic


• Large - Adult Size 24” W x 68” L x .12” Thick (61cm x 172 cm x 3mm). 
• Small - Kids Size 24” W x 34” L x .12” Thick (61cm x 86 cm x 3mm). 

• 100% Environmentally Friendly and Child Friendly. 
• Made from non-toxic TPE, which contains no PVC or latex. 
• Printed in Canada using environmentally friendly ink. 
• Light weight and perfect for children to carry and yet thick enough to offer soft padding. 
• Provides safety with non-slip material and allowing a good grip for feet.
• “Closed Cell” construction is less likely to absorb germs or bacteria, so it is less likely to contain allergens. 
• No smelly “off gassing”.
• This is a green/blue reversible mat with the illustrations of the poses printed on the green side.

No Harmful PVC or Phthalates are in the “What I See, I Can Be” Kids Eco Yoga Mat


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Surprise! It's a YOGA gift

Gift Certificate

Surprise a friend or family member with a Yogi Frogz gift certificate! Your generous gift will cover part or all of the investment required to participate in a STUDIO CLASS, WORKSHOP,  private CLASS, family yoga class or book a YOGA BIRTHDAY PARTY! To redeem contact us by phone: (647)982-6604 or e-mail: info@yofifrogzkids.ca, mention certificate information or Paypal invoice information and service desired. No taxes are charged on gift certificates in Canada. HST will be charged and deducted from certificate amount when using the gift certificate to purchase a product or service.


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