YT 500hrs - CYT 95hrs -  B.A.A.


In 2006, a young traveling student discovered yoga in Australia and has practiced and explored a variety of yoga disciplines ever since!


Noticing the many positive changes, the practice had on her own body and mind from regular classes at Moksha Yoga Montreal, Marcia started contemplating teacher training... In 2011, a seed transformed into a palm tree: Marcia journeyed to Brazil and completed the Moksha Yoga teacher training! The following year, a very pregnant yoga instructor became a mom and became a student of life all over again. It truly felt like an honor to witnesses the world for the first-time trough the eyes of her young son. Marcia's interest rekindled for sharing her practice and the discovery of kid’s yoga inspired her to complete a children's yoga teacher certification.

Yogi Frogz and Superhero Kids Yoga were then born.


Marcia guides children and children at heart, offers family yoga workshops, teaches prenatal yoga, mom and baby yoga classes, and travels all around Toronto to offer yoga in child care centers and schools.


Marcia is a graduate from HEC Montreal and completed a B.B.A. She is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Moksha Yoga Teacher, Prenatal Yoga Teacher and Children’s Yoga Instructor. She is also pursuing mindfulness studies.


This yogi student has a never ending imaginative mind and a loving heart.


About Szilvia

Szilvia Kovesdi is a mom who has been studying American Sign Language and children's yoga since 2015. She is certified with the Canadian Hearing Society in Toronto and Young Yoga Masters. Szilvia brings her knowledge and experience to parents wishing to enhance the early development of their young ones. Szilvia loves continuing and sharing her knowledge of what she sees as beautiful and inspiring child development tools.


Szilvia is passionate about infant sign language and shares, "It is never to early to start signing with your baby! The earlier you start to sign with your baby the earlier they will understand what your signing and be able to sign back. Start signing with your baby as soon as your feel comfortable."


Szilvia is offering her baby sign language classes and children's yoga classes in English and Hungarian! Szilvia offers private classes in North Toronto. Your family is going to love Szilvia's care, devotion and the positive attitude she brings to her classes!


For more information or to contact Szilvia directly: Call 416-839-3533 or email szilvia@weehands.com


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